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Om It Now: Mind.Body.Spirit Sessions to Become

Why do you have stress? Why do you seek fulfillment in external things? Who are you?
Allow the clearing of old beliefs - head on or gently - it's your choice. What happens, only you can know, only you can experience. Only you can become you. But, we can give you some tools.

White Mountain Essence Didjeridu Sound Mandala Healing Journey

The Session

Life is about experience - unique and everlasting - our only REAL-ity.

Please join us for a Sunday afternoon clearing session with the incredible White Mountain Essence instrumentalists: Steven and Gina.

Flowing in and out of waves and levels of vibration with didjeridus, singing bowls, gongs and sounds you have yet to experience, these two will weave you into your own essence allowing you to easily clear that which is dissonant in your mind, body and/or spirit.

This session is best experienced with an open, clear mind and laying down, nice and warm, followed by a bath or sauna before bed.

Prepare Yourself

Limited space: 22 willing souls

Suggested Donation: $33 / $22 / $17 (please choose which number resonates more closely to your heart)

We'll HOLD YOUR SPACE via PayPal:

Format: Bring a yoga mat, blankie, pillow for ultimate journeying; sound session will run approximately 90-min; may include a partial guided meditation/invocation by Nani


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