Black Marmot


The music of Black Marmot is a blend of acoustic folk and rock. With the occasional touch of blues and country, the songs are an appealing mixture of melodic stylings. Upbeat and light-hearted compilations are contrasted starkly with dark fictitious stories. Each song is so unique, drawing from a multitude of musical and lyrical backgrounds, that there is never any repetition; only the constant reinvention of the band.

Sled Fest 2011 Featuring "Sunburn" by Black Marmot


Linde Clark provides the emotional backdrop for Black Marmot’s songs with her inspiring lyricism and musical creativity. Some of her music has existed for years, only now finding its home with the band. Other songs have evolved more recently, tapping the Marmot energy, originality, and inventiveness. Working in previously uncharted territory, the band has stretched its songwriting ability and musicianship to accommodate and compliment Linde’s steady stream of new music. With new songs being developed on a near weekly basis, Linde refreshes Black Marmot with her compositional genius and drives her band mates to new levels of innovation and performance.

Mike Zartarian offers the unwavering bass lines that shape the framework of Black Marmot. With his affinity for engaging arrangements and a distinct view of the future of each song as a whole, Mike is a brilliant creative force. His contributions on the bass guitar are often more like a lead guitar line than a rhythm part, and listeners can easily find themselves singing along with the bass as well as the lyrics. Mike is also the stoic voice of reason in the studio, at shows, and in the compilation process. With his ginger ale in one hand and probably another ginger ale in the other hand, Mike leads the band through its growth into a mature and ever changing musical entity.

Ryan T. Callahan is Black Marmot’s venerated percussionist. Ryan’s technical skill on the drums is surpassed only by his ability to write pieces that fit perfectly into the band’s music. He can be surprisingly heavy handed on the louder and more intense side of Black Marmot, yet his work finds itself perfectly at home on the lighter artistic songs. With his unparalleled musicianship and passion for putting on a remarkably entertaining live show, Ryan stands out as a consummate talent and unmatched performer. Ryan completes the band as no other drummer could and with the other members, creates a sound that is raw, unbridled, and that is a breath of fresh air at a time when popular music is bland and repetitive.

Tim Parker crafts the lead guitar elements of the band’s songs drawing on the inspiration of blues, rock, and psychedelic styles. Many songs feature the electric floating harmoniously behind the rest of Black Marmot, whereas others are driven by its heavy, biting crunch. Whether a song is shadowy and sinister or bright and vivid, Tim consistently compliments it with clever original arrangements. He is perpetually pushing his knowledge and ability and errs on the side of innovation rather than staying within his musical area of comfort in an effort to maintain novelty and originality in Black Marmot’s music.


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