Colbis the Creature

Colbis the Creature are:

Nick Caliendo – Vocals and Guitar
Colby Blauvelt – Percussion
Danny Hoey – Vocals and Lead Guitar
Connor Barry – Bass

09-01-2016 Edge Magazine article - Colbis the Creature CD Release at Birdseye Lounge

"Hit play on the absolutely infectious aural gem “Tonight.” If that doesn’t move you, nothing will. You’ll be incapable of skipping to another track because it’s evident you’re without a pulse." - Chris Hislop, EDGE Mag (Seacoast Online article is HERE)

Colbis the Creature 2016 copyright Cinny Cummings Photography

Notes that have been plucked from the ether and stream of consciousness word play. Blended in the turbulent underground of Boston’s shifting music scene, four young men emerge as a single sound known as Colbis the Creature. Predominantly forging songs with a solid rock texture and pop-flavored coating, this fusion emotes memories of favorite songs - and you have no idea why. This self-titled album (Colbis the Creature) is infectious and lingers long after with melodic hooks and odd imagery.

What's to say? When you love all kinds of music as I do, winds of change just speak and I listen. If you don't remember the best hooks and dissonant notes of  the indie-post-punk-ska-rock-pop of the last three decades, then I guess you don't know what I'm talking about. (it's ok, I was born with Mercury in retrograde)   -Nani

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