Haunt the House

Haunt the House is:

Will Houlihan - Guitar, vocals, harp

Jack Rabbit Jones

Haunt the House at Newport Folk Festival 2015

hailing from Charlestown, RI

"Haunt the House, (Will Houlihan) falls somewhere between a bedroom whispered heart broken prayer and a brilliant repentant cry in the dark. He consistently writes songs that are simple and personal.

Spooky, powerful, and affecting."
- Redline Roots

from the hostess:
Caught Haunt the House at some dive bar under a fabulous restaurant in Newport on the Friday of the Newport Folk Festival (2015). We were originally here just to see The Ballroom Thieves, with no tickets for the actual festival.
Needless to say, I loved them even through the lack of audible sound (it sucked in that rectangular stone room). We bought Will's dad's Saturday tickets for the Festival so we could see The Thieves debut (a-mazing), and Will's dad just beamed so proudly at his son's talent. I bought his CDs even though I couldn't tell if he could sing or not - they definitely could play like a storm of silent sounds.
So, when I listened to Jack Rabbit Jones for the first time, I immediately came under a spell, similar to the first time I listened to Heather Maloney, Will Dailey and The Ballroom Thieves. And that's nothing to sneeze at. All at once, I listened over and over until I got it.
Revival. It's revival music for my soul. The kind that doesn't let go.
I am so pleased to have Will and whatever crew he brings along for March 26, 2016.

Haunt the House "Mosquito Coast"

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