Kid Coyote

Kid Coyote is:

Clara Berry Vocals and Keys
Joe O'Neill Drums

from the hostess

Magician's WifeThis band is a celebration of unique artistic expression. Clara Berry reminds me of Cat Power, but really has a voice and style all her own and along with Joe's jazzy rhythm and jive, it becomes something else altogether.  
The Magician's Wife is a masterpiece of independantly created art!
Kid Coyote at The Big Room

Kid Coyote is the musical brain-child of musicians Clara Berry and Joe O'Neill. The two met in college when O'Neill asked Berry to sing on an arrangement of Radiohead's 'Nude' for a percussion group. O'Neill then joined Berry's existing band, Clara Berry and Wooldog. As time went on the musical dynamic between them grew into an undeniable personal dynamic, and eventually they moved in together.

The name Kid Coyote represents the collaborative nature of their music-making and a departure from Berry's singer-songwriter style. Berry's silky vocals, indie-inspired melodies and electronic riffs root themselves in O'Neill's acoustic grooves bringing their sound somewhere between alt-pop and electro-pop. Lyrically the subject matter runs the gamut but, says Berry, "the words need to fit the music".

When they aren't playing venues throughout New England they can be found busking on the streets of Boston and making unique covers of their favorite songs on youtube. And when they aren't doing anything musical at all they can be found in the woods.

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