Razed and Reconstructed
Razed and Reconstructed

Razed and Reconstructed is singer/songwriter Martin England’s solo debut, and features 10 emotionally-charged songs forged in Americana, folk and roots rock musical stylings. It features performances by keyboardist Jason Cohen (Ryan Montbleau Band), guitarist Adam Terrell (Assembly of Dust), world-renown dobro player Roger Miller, and 2009 International Bluegrass Music Association Mandolin Player of the Year Jesse Brock, all of whom are backed by the rock-solid foundation of Steve Scully (drums) and Marc Hickox (bass) from The Singhs. This hit squad followed England at the helm on vocals, and acoustic guitar, creating a passionate, driven, imaginative collection of sounds and sensations.

Martin England 2013

Martin England 2012
Martin England and the Reconstructed

Martin England

and the Reconstructed

Singer/songwriter Martin England pens songs best described as Amerifolkana. Or... murder ballads and love songs (same difference).

If you were privileged to see and hear Martin England & the Reconstructed live at Bow Lake Grange on June 23rd of 2012, then you know why we had to have him here. 

"There are moments in the life of a band where you can feel its pulse strengthening, and all crossed signals suddenly flow in parallel. Last Saturday night’s show at the Bow Lake Grange was testimony to this theory. An amazing live show opening for an established local music (Tom Schena) in a venue cut from local fabric and steeped in tradition as one of the best listening rooms in New England (Ed Gerhard plays here once a year). " - Martin England

For both Mike and myself, Martin is a piece of work... In a good way. I mean, let's face it, how many of us can hang with an artist while telling smart and stupid jokes and then watch him perform without the usual star-struck awe, but with an appreciation that only a human connection can create? You will have the same feeling, I assure you, if you can see through the flamboyant artist's wise cracks about his music and his life.

It's all there. All you have to do is listen.


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