Mother Superior and the Sliding Royales

Mother Superior and the Sliding Royales are:

Taylor O'Donnell Vocals
Mike Walsh Drums
Matt Langley Saxophones
Mike Effenberger Keys
Zach Lange Trumpet
Stu Dias Guitar & Vocals 
Greg Glasson Bass
Kendall Moore Trombone

Come meet your new favorite band.

"One of the amazing things about the music scene here in the Seacoast is that many of the most interesting bands performing for us on a nightly basis are constructed of musicians who are involved in a myriad of musical projects that jump between genres.
It's a testament to the diverse talents of the musicians that reside on Seacoast soil.
" - Chris Hislop, EDGE Mag (EDGE Magazine article is HERE)

"Local Dover band Mother Superior and The Sliding Royales are doing a small tour in November with John Popper from Blues Traveler's side band Brothers Keeper. Fosters Oct 24, 2014 (FULL article HERE)

Mother Superior and the Sliding Royales

Mother Superior and The Sliding Royales play soul music.

Not '60s soul', not 'Neo soul', not 'Rock Soul' but soul music. There is no reason or practical way to define it. With a sound that is both classic and modern, MoSup can conjure sounds that hearken equally to Motown and Stax as they do to New Orleans. With the operating principle of 'simple is best', the band crafts concise, power music with a definite pop flair.

Mother Superior and The Sliding Royals don't just perform as a soul band they perform as a soul experience. They're bringing you the sound of both classic and modern that will make you feel like you've been transported to an exciting hybrid of Detroit and New Orleans.

MoSup want you to take a trip with them to the deepest parts of yourself and explore the world of soul through their stirring and powerful sounds. Fronted by Taylor O'Donnell and supported by some New Hampshire's most talented, Mother Superior and the Sliding Royales are more than just a live performance, they're a soulful reawakening.

Come to a show. Come to THIS show.


If you love The Soggy Po Boys, if you love any kind of soul music with the low end beats that make your hips dig into whoever your neighbor is at the show... then we have got the band for you! Mother Superior blends all that is good and righteous into a show that sends you away to a better place and brings you back to Earth with conviction that we really are okay.    -Nani

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